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精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.111: 西班牙嘗試四天工作週 Spain's 4-day workweek pilot

· 15Mins英語咖啡館



Advocatesof the 4-day workweek believe it is the best way to achieve work-life balance. Since the pandemic hit, this topic has become something that people are beginning to consider. Spain is now going to be first to experiment with a 32-hour workweek without changes in pay.   

Vocabularyand Sample Sentences:   

Advocate n.– a person who publicly supports or recommends a cause or policy. 

  • Advocates of the 4-day workweek say the policy will help people achieve work-life balance. 
  • Animal right advocates will lobby against the inhumane removal of iguanas.   

Firsthand adj. and adv.- information or experience from the original source 

  • Spain will learn firsthand on how to achieve a 4-day workweek. 
  • We need to find out who had the firsthand experience in fixing the problem.   

Experiment n.– a scientific procedure to test a hypothesis 

  • The 4-day workweek will be an experiment for the Spanish government. 
  • We would have to make sure we are safe in case the experiment goes wrong.