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精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.114: 茶餐廳算
greasy spoon cafe嗎?How do you like cha chaan teng being called a greasy spoon cafe?

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English,國際時事跟讀Daily Shadowing,15Mins英語咖啡館

新的一季Vocab,我們會每週週三準時上架,讓大家收聽全英時事討論,吸收主題相關詞彙用語以及觀點~ 也開放聽眾來信或投稿主題喔!


The cha chaan teng – or "tea restaurant" – is the Hong Kong equivalent of the "greasy spoon" cafe, or perhaps the American diner. Frequented by everyone from tough construction workers to sharp-suited bankers to roughing-it celebs craving the cheap dishes they were brought up on, offer East-West hybrid comfort foods that fuses the thriftier ends of the culinary traditions of two very different worlds.


1. Mom-and-pop stores 小型/家庭型店家

Mom-and-pop stores were everywhere in the countryside where I grew up. 我小時候長大的鄉下地方到處都可以看到家庭式雜貨店。

2. Affordable 可負擔的/負擔得起

Street food is usually the most affordable food in the city. 路邊攤食物通常在城市裡是最便宜的。

3. Thrifty 節儉

If you want to be thrifty, you have to try and cook more by yourself or only visit greasy spoon cafes. 如果你想省錢的話,只能試著自己煮,要不然就是去小吃店吃。

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