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精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.146: 運動飲料到底是在喝什麼 When should you drink sports drinks?

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With the weather becoming ever more erratic, fluid intake is something we should all be concerned of. Water has long been the best form of fluid for your body, but what if the water you drink contains too little of the minerals you need? In this episode, Angel and I discuss our water drinking habits and what's in a sports drink like Fin. What is your favorite sports drink and when do you drink it? Comment down below!


1. Heatstroke n. 中暑
One of the major symptoms of heatstroke is headache. 中暑其中最主要的症狀是頭痛。

2. Sports drink n. 運動飲料

Super Supau is the no.1 sports drink in Taiwan. 舒跑是台灣第一運動飲料。

3. Colorant n. / Flavorant n. 色素 / 增味劑

Major sports drink brands in the west are filled with colorant and flavorant. 國外大的運動飲料品牌都添加很多色素或增味劑。

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