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精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.154: 到底是化妝日還是補班日 Uniquely Taiwan - What's a make-up day?

· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab


Netizens in Taiwan are outraged by the 2 make-up days in February. Taiwan happens to be the only country that has make-up days in exchange for days taken off to allow for long weekends. What is the rationale behind this sytem? Why don't you comment down below whether you like make-up days or not!歡迎投稿有趣的主題給醬老師與Angel老師 Comment down below!


1. Make-up day n. 彈性補班/補課
February 18th is a make-up day for a day off on the 27th. 二月十八要補二十七日的放假。

2. Dilemma n. 窘境/進退兩難

No work no pay puts freelancers in a dilemma on a weekend make-up day. 沒工作就沒有錢讓自由工作者在週末補班進退兩難。

3. Standby n. 待命

LINE groups today puts all employees on standby. 現在LINE群組讓所有員工都處於待命狀態。

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