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精選詞彙播客Vocab Ep.166: 卡在飛機上幾小時後之旅平險知多少 Part II?Why travel insurance is much needed today PART II?

· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab


This is part II, a continuation of our discussion from last week. This week, Angel and I talk about how important travel insurance is! 歡迎投稿有趣的主題給醬老師與Angel老師 Comment down below!


1. Peace of mind idiom. 心情平靜/安心
Purchasing extra travel insurance is mostly for a peace of mind. 添購旅平險多數是為了心安。

2. Compensation n. 賠償/報酬

Airlines usually provide compensation for flight delays, and not refund. 航空公司通常提供賠償而不是退費。

3. Cover v. 承保/有給付

Your travel insurance would cover all the expenses that arise from flight delays or cancellations. 你的旅平險會給付班機延誤或取消所多出的費用。

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