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精選詞彙播客Vocab Ep.173: 比快時尚還快的電商來了 Shein and Temu is coming hard-and-fast

· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab


This week, Angel and I talk about the new contender in the Taiwan e-commerce market and also the platform that is taking the US by storm - Shein and Temu. So, what is your latest summer purchase? 歡迎告訴我跟Angel老師 Comment down below!


1. Taking sth by storm idiom. 大獲成功

E-commerce platforms like Shein is taking the US by storm. 電商平台如Shein在美國非常成功。

2. Go bargain hunting ph. 找便宜/特價品

In times of high inflation, people always go bargain hunting online. 在高通膨的時代,多數人都去網路上找特價品。

3. Real-time adj. 即時

Fast fashion is no longer the trend, real-time fashion is. 快時尚已不是趨勢,即時時尚才是。

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