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精選詞彙播客Vocab Ep.175: 你會看你伴侶的社群帳號嗎 Why do you need to see your spouse's social media account?

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From the news article about a a recent court case, the judge sentenced a man for violating his wife's privacy by logging into her social media account. This week Angel and I talk about why we need couples have insecurities and the difference between men and women. Please comment below or email us about whether you also want to check your spouse's social media account? 歡迎來分享給我跟Angel老師 Comment down below!


1. An affair n. 外遇

When men hide something, most would immediately suspect him of having an affair. 當男人隱瞞事情時,多數會懷疑他在外遇中。

2. Insecure adj. 不安全

In the beginning of a relationship, women can feel insecure about their relationship status. 在感情一開始時,女性可能都會對感情狀況有不安全感。

3. Privacy n. 隱私權

Now we know that it is illegal to invade your spouse's privacy. 現在我們知道違反你伴侶隱私權是犯法的。

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