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精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.177: 雙J論 - 新世代新鮮人欠缺的軟實力 Soft skills for fresh grads

· 15Mins英語咖啡館


WSJ journalist and expert sit down and discuss the recent trends in fresh graduate training in the workplace. This week on J&J, Jemmy and I go over some of the areas fresh graduates can improve on to adapt faster to the workplace. 歡迎通勤家族來留言回饋「哪個軟實力你認為是最重要的」到[email protected] ,會在節目裡給予特殊Shout out!

喜歡我們討論人資、職涯、外商工作相關主題,請留言支持我們雙J論! Comment down below!


1. Smart-casual n. 俐落的、時髦的穿搭
Smart-casual dress code at work often means you can wear casual clothes, but with a suit jacket.


2. Conflict resolution n. 衝突處理

It takes finesse to deal with people, making conflict resolution a very important soft skill. 處理人相關的事都需要細膩度,所以衝突管理就變成一個非常重要的軟性技能。

3. Office dynamics n. 辦公室關係

When starting out at a new company, it is alway good to quickly understand the office dynamics. 在一開始進入新公司時,快速的了解辦公室裡不同的關係是有幫助的。

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