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精選詞彙播客Vocab Ep.178: 當個全職小孩會比較幸福嗎 The full-time children trend

· 15Mins英語咖啡館


In 2023, a new social phenomenon is sweeping across Mainland China. The fierce competition in the job market and the high unemployment is pressuring many youths to stay home and become full-time children. This week Angel and I talk about some of the challenges the youth is facing today. Please comment below or email us about your opinion on the full-time children trend. 歡迎來分享給我跟Angel老師 Comment down below!


1. Foresee v. 預見/未卜先知

College students can't foresee the opportunities in the job market before they graduate. 大學生無法預測畢業後的就業市場機會。

2. Complement v. 補足/輔助

Angel's friend should find a job that complements his profession. Angel老師的朋友應該找個工作能夠輔助他的專業。

3. One in five 五個人裡有一人

One in five fresh graduates in China are going to be unemployed. 五位應屆畢業生會面臨失業。

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