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精選詞彙播客Vocab Ep.183: 奢侈食物如波龍蝦堡Overrated or Underrated?

· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab


McDonald's Taiwan recently broke the internet with its "Deluxe Lobster Roll" for NT385. This week Angel and I will talk about our first impressions of the lobster roll and what delicacies we would categorize as "overrated" or "underrated". 歡迎來分享給我跟Angel老師 Comment down below!


1. Sucker n. 容易上當的人/蠢人

I am a sucker for the latest iPhones, but not a sucker for expensive food. 我通常都會跌入新iPhone的坑不過我不會跌入高級食物的坑。

2. Humane n. 人道

Gordon's videos online teaches us how to kill the lobster in a humane way. 主廚高登在網路上的料理影片教導我們如何人道的殺龍蝦。

3. Conspiracy theory n. 陰謀論

I love a good, juicy conspiracy theory. 我愛一個聽起來合理又滿滿是料的陰謀論。

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