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Voice assistant robots account for nearly half of service robot market

機器人商機爆發 語音助理機器人市占率近五成

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Driven by advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robots are increasingly being used in applications in daily life. According to the latest report by the Topology Research Institute under TrendForce, voice-controlled assistant robot sales accounted for nearly 50 percent of all service robot sales last year – more than any other robots on the market. Robot vacuum cleaners have the second highest sales, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all service robot sales last year.


Harrison Po, a senior manager at the institute, says that voice-controlled robots have been available in the market for many years, but sales remained modest for a long time. Following the release of voiced-controlled home appliances and assistant robots capable of running Internet searches, the sales for robots finally took off and many big companies and start-ups began focusing on developing voice-controlled assistant robots. One such example is Echo developed by Amazon in 2014, which stood out in the service robot market last year with sales of about 5.2 million units.


Po notes that in the future, voice-controlled robots will not only be able to process voice commands more accurately, they will also be able to understand the emotions and habits of users to provide more appropriate assistance or responses, as well as appear to have more of a personality.


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