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Want to lose weight? Plan your lunch at breakfast time


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

The secret to cutting calories could be to plan your meals in advance and order lunch immediately after breakfast, a new study has revealed.


Dr. Eric VanEpps and his team in the University of Pennsylvania conducted three studies involving nearly 700 office workers and nearly 200 university students, all of whom bought their lunch from an on-site canteen.


The findings show that each hour between ordering and consuming led to 38 fewer calories being consumed at the lunch.


The researchers noted that higher calorie meals were ordered when it wasn’t long before you started to eat. Those who planned their lunch also ordered healthier options by choosing smaller drinks.


Dr. Eric VanEpps said: "When you’re already hungry and ready to eat leads to an overall increase in the number of calories ordered. By ordering meals in advance, the likelihood of making indulgent purchases is drastically reduced."


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