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Why protesters are sending books to the White House


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Getting a book as a Valentine’s Day gift would usually be sweet, but it’s probably not if you’re the Commander in Chief and the book was sent to poke fun at your reading habits.


A group of activists have decided to share their love of reading by inundating the White House with books for Valentine’s Day.


The Facebook event "Bury the White House in Books on Valentine’s Day" was started by a pair of writers and educators who are also behind the group "Readers are Leaders."


The idea sounds simple: Select a book you think the President should read, write an inscription, and send it off to the White House.


Almost 1,000 people have expressed interest in the event, and participants, whether actual or wishful, are having a ball sharing their ideas on the event’s page.


Source article: http://iservice.ltn.com.tw/Service/english/english.php?engno=1088506&day=2017-03-24