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Why this West Virginia police department just added 11 grandmothers to the force


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

They are not going to be out arresting people or pulling you over, but make no mistake, these women make up the newest unit at the Charleston Police Department. They’re ready to hit the ground running.


These grandmas are going to be busy carrying out their mission of spreading love and hugs. Something these grandmas say you can never have too much of.


"Sometimes I’m not feeling good or I’m feeling low, and somebody will give me a hug, and I’ll feel better, and then I’ll share my hug with someone else,” one of the newest members of the Grandma Unit Karen Smith said.


So if you get pulled over by one of the women in the g-unit, put down your phone or your bags and get ready for a hug.


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