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15Mins Live Podcast - 職場系列 – 強化你的職場溝通用語Phrases for better communication in the workplace

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Phrases for talking on the phone


What can I do for you? 有什麼可以幫到你的

Hi Ted! This is Charlotte. What can I do for you?

Instead of saying “What do you want?,” asking “What can I do for you?” is a polite way to ask why the speaker is calling.


I’m trying to reach… 我想聯絡

Hello, this is Priya. I’m trying to reach Gill from Human Resources.

This phrase comes across as less demanding than asking, “Where is Gill from Human Resources?” or “I want to talk to…”.


I didn’t quite catch that 請再說一遍

I didn’t quite catch that; would you mind repeating what you just said?

If you tell someone, “I didn’t quite catch that,” they will understand you didn’t hear them and usually repeat themselves more slowly and clearly.

Phrases for communicating over email


I’m reaching out because… 這封信是

Hello, Lei! I’m reaching out because I have a business proposal for you.

Starting out an email with “I’m reaching out because…” is a polite, efficient way to explain why you’re sending the email.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to add “Hope all is well” or another friendlier greeting if you are already familiar with the person you’re emailing.


I’ll get back to you 晚點回覆你

I’ll get back to you about that report as soon as I finish the project with Mia!

If you say, “I’ll get back to you,” the other person will understand that you are busy now, but you will take the time to help them out as soon as you can.


I just wanted to follow up… 我想跟進

Hi Veronica! I just wanted to follow up on that email I sent last Monday…

Beginning an email by stating, “I just wanted to follow up,” politely reminds the recipient they haven’t yet responded to your last message. Bluntly asking, “Did you see my last email?” or “Is there a reason you didn’t answer my email from last Thursday?” might offend people.



  • What do you think are the best English phrases to use in a workplace?
  • Pick 4 words and make sentences
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