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進階影片跟讀#2 : Taiwan basks in Indian summer; cooler temps set to arrive on Sunday

秋老虎發威! 北台灣飆36度 週六前晴朗穩定

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

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On Sunday, northeasterly winds and a frontal system are set to move in and bring rains across northern Taiwan. It’s bad news for Mid-Autumn Festival barbecues, but it could be a welcome respite from Taiwan’s lingering heat spell. Affected by a high-pressure system, much of the north is sweltering in an Indian summer. Temperatures are set to stay high until Saturday, but you can cool off with help from a few portable devices.

It’s baking out. Even with Mid-Autumn Festival looming, it still feels just like July.
Taiwan is sweltering in an Indian summer with temperatures in the north surpassing 36 degrees today.

Wu Wan-hua
These days the weather will be affected by high pressure over the Pacific. In greater Taipei and Taoyuan, temperatures could reach a high of 36 degrees Celsius. In other areas, highs will be around 33 degrees Celsius. From now to Friday, it will feel considerably warmer.

Craving relief during the heat spell?

Grab one of these aqua-blue jelly masks from the fridge and apply it to your face for instant heat relief.

And there’s this hydration mist, a favorite among office workers. Refresh yourself with a spray or two, and then switch on a portable fan to feel like your desk space is your personal air-conditioned suite.

E-commerce vendor
Basically, it’s because of the weather. We see consumers gravitating toward sunscreen products and items that provide cooling.

As Indian summer lingers, these portable devices are sure to go a long way toward tackling the heat.

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