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每日跟讀#502: Explosive growth in AI opening for Taiwan’s tech sector

產品百花齊放 人工智慧熱門

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每日跟讀#502: Explosive growth in AI opening for Taiwan’s tech sector

While there is already a consensus in the market that the global economy is slowing down and companies are finding it harder to turn a profit, the tech industry continues to grow off the back of new technological innovations. In 2015, US technology powerhouse NVIDIA took the lead in making 2015 the year of artificial intelligence, and the current mainstream view in the global high tech industry is that we are about to face an onslaught of AI. No analysis of which tech stocks to invest in this year will be complete without a focus on AI companies.


The beginnings of AI development can be traced back to 1950, although adoption in the early stages was slow. Despite the sluggish start, the popularization of graphics processing units coupled with a parallel increase in computing speed and larger cloud storage capacity has today created an increasing number of applications for AI technology. Focusing on Taiwan, there are no “pure” AI stocks comparable to NVIDIA, but AI requires a huge supporting framework behind the scenes, and Taiwan’s high tech industry will provide much of the infrastructure and equipment needed to make AI a reality.


First and foremost, AI requires a massive amount of big data to be processed in the cloud. The large variety of calculations requires cloud computing, but also data centers, high-performance computing chips, application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) and audio recognition technology to name just a few of the specialist areas. All of this basic infrastructure needs to be in place in order for AI end products like popular smart speakers such as Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomePod or Xiaomi’s Mi AI Speaker to function. In the near future, a raft of other products will enter the market, providing a diverse array of products preloaded with AI technology.


Chip designer Global Unichip Corp is bullish toward the AI market, which it projects will increase by approximately 50 percent year-on-year between the next 3-5 years. Thirty percent of this growth is expected to come from ASIC. Global Unichip Corp also says it believes AI will be the driving force behind revenue growth for the company in the years to come.


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