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台北嘿掰講 Ep17 - 台灣「雪花冰」上榜CNN

Taiwan’s ‘shaved ice’ among world’s top desserts: CNN

· 台北嘿掰講 Taipei Banter

台北嘿掰講Episode 17 - A look at Taiwan’s ‘shaved ice’ among world’s top desserts




1. Pearl milk tea - 珍珠奶茶 / bubble tea / boba 波霸 tea

2. Dessert - sweet food 甜點 (not desert - 沙漠)

3. Pastry - 油酥糕點

4. Foodie - gastronome 愛吃的人/老饕/ foodie pics 食物照片

5. Affluent - rich 有錢的

Taipei Banter, where John and Gavin talk about the interesting things around the world.

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