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每日跟讀#561: Curitiba: Brazil’s once model city, now frozen in the past


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每日跟讀#561: Curitiba: Brazil’s once model city, now frozen in the past

Curitiba, a city in southern Brazil of 1.7 million inhabitants, was the herald of durable development and urbanism 20 years ago.


Jaime Lerner, three-term mayor who was the architect behind much of the city’s layout, oversaw the creation of numerous parks, an integrated transport system, and a recycling system that was advanced for its time.


In the 1980s, residents learned to sort their household waste under the slogan "Trash Is Not Trash." The tubular bus stops with raised platforms and ticketing, and special bus-only lanes, were also copied by 250 cities.


However, the population has not grown significantly since its innovative heyday. The vaunted recycling program has become obsolete. Also, the transport system is insufficient to move commuters between the city and their distant homes.


Most policies put the focus on urban mobility without thinking about the development of suburban centers. And Public authorities turn a deaf ear to outside ideas.


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