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每日跟讀#669: Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain ‘on brink of collapse’


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每日跟讀#669: Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain ‘on brink of collapse’

英國名廚傑米·奧利佛(Jamie Oliver)開的餐飲連鎖店正處於破產的邊 緣,破產管理人員預計很快就會被引入。天空新聞今天早些時候報導說,這家連 鎖餐飲業在未能「自行維持生計」後,即將召集破產管理人員接管。

Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain is reportedly on the brink of collapse with administrators expected to be brought in any time soon, according to various reports. Sky said earlier today that the restaurant chain is about to call in the administrators after failing to “stay afloat on its own.”

此舉可能會造成英國傑米·奧利佛(Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain)25 家餐 廳的 1,300 位員工面臨失業風險。 去年,鏡報報導說,該餐飲帝國已積欠員工 220 萬英鎊,對外負債更高達 7,150 萬英鎊。

The move could put 1,300 jobs at risk across 25 restaurants in the UK. Last year, the Mirror reported that the restaurant empire owed staff £2.2 million and was in £71.5 million of debt.

英國名廚傑米奧利佛於 2008 年在牛津開設了他的第一家連鎖餐廳。2018 年 2 月, 為了不讓持續虧損的餐廳王國崩盤,該公司宣布關閉 37 家餐廳中的 12 家分店,在布里斯托爾,雷丁和哈羅蓋特等地區共有 450 人失業。

In February 2018, the company announced the closure of 12 of its 37 restaurants, seeing 450 job losses in places including Bristol, Reading, and Harrogate. The celebrity chef opened his first chain outlet in Oxford in 2008.

去年,奧利佛指責英國脫離歐盟造成英鎊疲軟,導致義大利經營成本提高,不得 不關閉了六家傑米義大利分店。 他表示,交易條件惡劣,進口食品成本的增加 和人員工資的上漲,英鎊疲軟等導致經營困難。 不過英國名廚奧利佛(Jamie Oliver)旗下的「Jamie’s Italian」義大利餐廳仍在台北設有一家分店。

Last year, Oliver blamed Brexit on the closure of six of his Jamie’s Italian branches. He said poor trading conditions, rising food and staffing costs, and a weakening pound. The company still operates a restaurant in Taipei.

這已經不是這位電視名廚第一次被迫關閉餐館了,奧利佛去年關了位於倫敦皮卡迪利的 燒烤牛排餐廳,以及 12 家分店。

It’s not the first time the TV chef has been forced to shut restaurants. Oliver closed his Barbecoa steak restaurant in London’s Piccadilly Last year, as well as 12 branches.

在關閉部分分店後,餐飲業顧問休理查德賴特(Hugh Richard Wright)告訴《鏡 報》記者,他認為由於客戶支出減少和商業成本增加,中型連鎖店正「苦於掙扎」。

After the closure, restaurant consultant Hugh Richard Wright told the Mirror he thinks medium-sized chains are “struggling due to reduced customer spend, and higher business costs.”

他補充說,通常目前市場盛行以較低的價格提供優質食品,而這樣的市場「可以 說是達到飽和的」。

He added that the availability of great food, often for less, is having an impact; the market is “arguably saturated.”

休(Hugh)補充說:「對於傑米的義大利餐廳以及像斯特拉達和拜倫這樣規模的餐 廳集團,我認為這歸因於消費者放棄『中等階層市場』,他們意識到他們可以從 當地的其他義大利餐廳那裡獲得更優質的食物,或以相同或較低的價格去其他漢 堡連鎖店消費。」

“In the case of Jamie’s Italian and similar groups of this size such as Strada and Byron,” Hugh further explained. “I think it’s also attributable to consumers abandoning the ‘middle market’ having realized they can get better quality food from (say) their local Italian or burger joint at the same price or less.”

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