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每日跟讀#676: Group launches ‘Write in Taiwanese’ campaign for US Census

美國人口普查 台裔呼籲填寫「台灣人」

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日跟讀#676: Group launches ‘Write in Taiwanese’ campaign for US Census

The 2020 US Census is to take place in April. As required by the US Constitution, the results of the decennial US Census will determine the number of each state’s seats in the House of Representatives, and how federal funding is allocated to states and communities yearly.


Since there is no racial category of “Taiwanese” on the survey’s race question, the US-based Taiwanese American Citizens League (TACL) has launched the “Write in Taiwanese Census 2020 Campaign,” encouraging all Taiwanese-Americans to check the box for “Other Asian” and then write in “Taiwanese” on the form, instead of checking the “Chinese” box.


The Census 2010 recorded 215,441 Taiwanese living in the US at that time, accounting for only 1.46 percent of the Asian population of 14.7 million. “There is strength and power in numbers, in being noticed by the government,” said the TACL. To give an accurate reflection of the demographic situation, the Liberty Times has uploaded a video promoting the campaign at


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