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每日跟讀#691: About Russia - Russia hatches plan to become top tourist draw

俄羅斯研擬計畫 冀成觀光客首選

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每日跟讀#691: About Russia - Russia hatches plan to become top tourist draw

With ambitious plans to become one of the world’s top 10 travel destinations, Russia is offering tours off the beaten track to attract more visitors, with the goal of doubling tourism revenues to $25 billion by 2035.


Nearly 25 million tourists visited Russia last year, making it the world’s 16th most popular destination, according to the World Tourism Organization.


But the difficulty of obtaining visas, a lack of contemporary-style accommodation and transport links outside the main cities still put off many visitors.


Now the government has started to introduce electronic visas, which will come into force in October for stays of up to eight days in Saint Petersburg, though Russia has not yet said which countries’ citizens can apply.


In addition to ski and trek, tour operators are seeking to launch Arctic tours featuring reindeer herders, rides in Soviet-era tanks or a night at a palace that belonged to Peter the Great.



Article: Russians turn to sex coaches to overcome Soviet-era taboos 俄羅斯人求助性愛教練,以克服蘇聯時代禁忌

Surrounded by erotic toys, half a dozen women of all ages sit in a central Moscow basement facing a whiteboard as a sex coach trains them in speaking openly about their sexual desires.


Barely spoken about publicly in Soviet times and with the Kremlin pushing conservative values in recent years, sex, as a subject, remains an unmentionable in Russia.


Viktoria Ekaterina Frank, a psychologist and sexologist, said that her course did not aim to teach sex techniques but rather "help women understand the psychological barriers engrained in themselves."


According to sociologists, Soviet authorities promoted the idea that "the sexual act should serve only for reproduction," and the kind of aura of taboo remains until now.


Now, with authorities increasing their control over the media and internet, often blocking content linked to the opposition, Russians found freedom of expression in talking about sex.


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