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每日跟讀#716: About Malaysia: Eat your rice straws after finishing your drink?

可以吃的「米吸管」 亞洲各國搶進減塑商機

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每日跟讀#716: About Malaysia: Eat your rice straws after finishing your drink?

馬來西亞媒體The Star報導,上週五在馬來西亞檳城舉辦的2019年國際綠色論壇及會議中,大馬業者Ricestraw向全世界推出了由稻米及木薯粉製作而成的可食環保吸管,引起熱論。

Made from rice and tapioca, the environmental-friendly straws are edible but tasteless, said Ricestraws IT director Anddrew Loh on Penang International Green Conference & Exhibition (PIGCE) 2019 held in Malaysia on Sept. 27.


“The straws can last for two to five hours in hot water and about five to 10 hours in cold water,” Loh said. “The bottom part when immersed in drinks will taste a bit starchy while the upper section will be crispy like chips.”

Loh added, “The straws, made from natural ingredients, do not contain any additives and will decompose completely in 90 days and can also be turned into animal feed or fertiliser.”


Furthermore, the Malaysian company stressed that by producing rice straws, the company has helped to complete the ecosystem cycle. “We use broken rice which people hardly eaten,” Loh said. “When we use paper straws, we are actually cutting down more trees.”

世界趨勢在淘汰一次性使用塑膠吸管,在這波環保浪潮裡,米吸管成為眾多亞洲業者爭相開發的產品。據The Hindu報導,南韓業者Yeonjigonji在政府開始實施限塑政策後,在去年研發推出百分之30木薯粉其他百分之70穀米製作成的可食米吸管。而The Epoch Times報導,越南業者HungHau Foods也在這兩年推出類似的米吸管產品。

Asian merchandisers are competing to produce eco-friendly commodities in reflecting this worldwide trend of ditching plastic straws. Malaysia is not the first one who uses rice to make straws. With 30 percent of tapioca and 70 percent of rice, The Hindu reported that company Yeonjigonji from South Korea started to market the edible straws last year after the government imposing relevant policies to reduce plastic use. Vietnam-based HungHau Foods also has had similar products in these two years, The Epoch Times reported.

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馬來西亞蘇丹想要給老婆香吻被嫌棄 | Queen tweets candid pix of king trying to steal kiss during photoshoot


Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah won the hearts of Malaysians on Twitter Thursday (Oct 3) afternoon with a series of tweets.

The tweets featured photographs of her and Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah.


Some of the tweets posted on her Twitter account (@cheminahsayang) are believed to be formal photographs with the royal pair in traditional attire, while others contained more candid shots.


One of the photos was of Sultan Abdullah attempting to kiss Tunku Azizah, with the latter giving a deadpan look, with the caption “fuyuuuuuuuu..”.


Another tweet had photographs which feature the Royal couple’s grandson, Adam, with the Tunku Azizah noting that he was “photobombing” her in the tweet.


The tweets did not mention when or where the photographs were taken.

照片發布的半小時內就吸引了一萬五千個讚,並被轉發超過兩千次 (現在已經超過一萬一千次轉發)。

Within half an hour the tweets received a collective 15,000 Likes, and were retweeted more than 2,000 times.


Many people commented that the photographs taken were sweet and lovely.

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