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每日跟讀#715: About Taiwan - Asus products available at 1st North Korean department store


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每日跟讀#715: About Taiwan - Asus products available at 1st North Korean department store


DPRK Business-culture news announced on Oct. 15 that Taiwan’s very own brand, Asus, is featured in North Korea’s one and only high-end department store in Pyongyang.


The Pyongyang store was originally a major retail market, but after the insistence of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, it was transformed into a department store.


Asus, along with other luxurious brands from the West, such as Coach, Lancome, and computer brand Dell, were among the few chosen to be housed at the new store.


Asus is located on the third floor of the department store, featuring a 15-inch laptop priced at around NT$19,000, among other products.


Following the announcement, many Taiwanese netizens expressed their surprise at Asus computers being featured in North Korea and also voiced their desire to shop there in the future.

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Big data uncovers top travel spots in Taiwan

旅遊網站大數據 國內一日遊第一名景點在新北!


According to KKday, an online travel agent, the top travel destination in Taiwan between January and Augsut was the one-day trip to Jiufen Pingxi. Meanwhile, “DanLan Ancient Road,” a travel guide published by the New Taipei City Travel Bureau, was also a bestseller in its category. The two highlights show the value and popularity of New Taipei City’s tourist attractions.


According to last year’s travel survey published by the Tourism Bureau, the percentage of national travel groups stands at 13.6 percent, while solo travelers account for 86.4 percent. More than 89 percent of tourists plan their own travel itineraries whereas only 1.4 percent of tourists travel with packages designed by travel agencies. Such data, shows that the ratio of customized travel plans is actually on the rise.


Chang Chi-chiang, director of New Taipei City’s Travel Bureau, said that apart from New Taipei City’s Jiufen and Pingxi, the north coast has many tourist hotspots that attract local and international visitors; in particular, Route 2 Taiwan (青春山海線) and DanLan Ancient Road. New attractions include “Shuinandong Remains of the 13 Levels,” “Fishermen Village”, “Shen’ao Railway Bike Path,” and “HeNan Music Festival.”

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