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每日跟讀#719: Thai mangosteens a gigantic hit in Taiwan

台灣瘋搶山竹 泰國果農看見台灣山竹商機

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每日跟讀#719: Thai mangosteens a gigantic hit in Taiwan

泰國農業部主任Surmsuk Salakpetch表示,台灣自2003年禁止山竹進口,15年後終於在今年九月開放進口,泰國山竹一進口就在台灣造成轟動,對於泰國水國出口商無疑是一大福音。

It’s the sweet smell of success for Thai fruit exporters: Thai mangosteens have become an instant hit among Taiwanese consumers after the fruit went on sale there for the first time in 15 years, Department of Agriculture director-general Surmsuk Salakpetch said.


“The Taiwanese press reported that consumers queued up to buy mangosteen from Thailand,” she said. “The first lot of 980 kilogrammes was sold out in only 30 minutes.


”Each box of four mangosteens was sold at Bt200 (NT$203),” Surmsuk added.


“The unexpected positive response has proved a good opportunity for Thai exporters,” she said. “Since September 5, Thai entrepreneurs have exported 100,533kg of mangosteens to Taiwan, worth more than Bt20 million.”


According to the director-general, Taiwan’s import standards require Thai mangosteens to undergo a steam treatment for decontamination and eradication of fruit flies – the latter being the reason why Taiwan had been rejecting fruits from Thailand for the past 15 years.


“We have developed a technique to treat mangosteens at 46 degrees Celsius for 58 minutes, which is the optimal temperature and time so the taste of the fruits is not ruined, while meeting the requirements of the Taiwan Plant and Animal Disease Prevention and Quarantine Office,” said Surmsuk.


“I am glad that although Taiwanese people haven’t been able to enjoy Thai mangosteens for 15 years, they still remember the exquisite taste of this ‘queen of fruit’,” she said. “This makes me confident that there’s a bright future ahead for Thai fruit exporters, who are aiming to capture the Taiwanese market.”

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