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每日跟讀#720: About Internet Startups - Uber will ban passengers with low ratings


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每日跟讀#720: About Internet Startups - Uber will ban passengers with low ratings

Uber passengers who habitually leave their trash behind and disrespect their drivers may soon get the boot.


The ride-hailing company announced Tuesday that riders with ratings that are ’’significantly below average’’ may lose access to the app, part of a rollout of the company’s updated community guidelines, which riders must abide by to continue using the service.


Uber, however, said that bans for bad behavior won’t come as a surprise to offending passengers. Riders will receive several notifications before they lose access to the app, the company said.


And they also will have opportunities to improve their rating to remain in good standing. Tips to boost a user’s rating include:’’encouraging polite behavior, avoiding leaving trash in the vehicle and avoiding requests for drivers to exceed the speed limit,’’ Uber said.


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Kakao suspends online comments for entertainment articles Kakao暫停網友對娛樂新聞發表網路留言

South Korea’s internet company Kakao said Friday that it would prevent users from posting malicious comments on its online entertainment news articles next month, pledging also to overhaul its search engine functionalities to address cyberbullying.


The measure came after mounting calls for the internet portal website to address cyberbullying targeting celebrities and people in general. The calls intensified after singer-turned-actress Sulli passed away last week in an apparent suicide. While the cause of death was not made public, it was widely believed Sulli had been suffering from depression.


Kakao, however, said the decision had not been made because of a single case and that there had been heated debate over the issue for a long time. The company also decided to suspend its “related search words” service for celebrities immediately for its messenger app, Kakao Talk.

然而,Kakao指稱,長久以來就有關於該議題的熱烈論辯,並非因個案而做出實施新措施的決定。該公司亦決定立即暫停其通訊應用程式Kakao Talk針對名人的「相關搜尋字詞」服務。

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