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每日跟讀#758: New measures to take effect in Taiwan from Jan. 1

基本工資調漲、禁賣象牙 多項新制元旦上路

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每日跟讀#758: New measures to take effect in Taiwan from Jan. 1

A slew of new regulations will come into force in Taiwan today, including higher monthly and hourly minimum wages, raising the age of eligibility for full labor insurance pensions, and introducing electronic work permits for international students.


The monthly minimum wage for workers covered under the Labor Standards Act will be raised from NT$23,100 (US$767) to NT$23,800, while the hourly minimum wage will be increased from NT$150 to NT$158.


The minimum monthly wage increase is expected to benefit 1.83 million workers, while raising the minimum hourly wage will boost the pay for 483,300 other workers.


In line with the adjustment of basic wages, the starting insured salary under the labor insurance program will be increased to NT$23,800. The age of eligibility for receiving full labor insurance pensions will be pushed back from 61 to 62.


In addition, the Ministry of Labor will accept online applications from employers to extend the permitted time span for importing migrant workers in the manufacturing, fishery, construction, caregiving and domestic help sectors.


Online applications will also be accepted from employers for recurring recruitment, entry permit, transfer and extended transfer of migrant workers in the construction sector. Meanwhile, international students studying in Taiwan will be able to apply for electronic work permits.



The Ministry of Finance will increase the basic allowance that taxpayers can deduct from their incomes when filing income taxes by NT$4,000 to NT$175,000. Another new regulation will require cross-border e-commerce suppliers to issue cloud-based invoices.


At the same time, all commercial aircraft aged over 26 years will have to be retired from service. In addition, a modified intensity scale to more accurately reflect the effect earthquakes have on people, structures and the environment will be introduced. Also, all transactions of ivory products are banned as of today.



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