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鼠年假期跟讀#772: About Taiwan : Odd pizzas at hand in Taiwan


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鼠年假期跟讀#772: About Taiwan : Odd pizzas at hand in Taiwan


Do you like Taiwan’s stinky tofu? Pizza Hut recently added the traditional dish on their pizza. Following the launch of a special menu –– durian pizza in June which set a record of one durian pizza sold every ten seconds — the pizza chain store decided to challenge pizza lover’s tolerance by launching the stinky tofu pizza. Stinky tofu and Taiwan version of kimchi top the pizza with mozzarella cheese, this western-Taiwan fusion dish is for those who love to challenge new food experience.


Yet, Pizza Hut is not alone in creating unique pizzas. Chain restaurant VASA Pizzeria features Japanese strawberry mochi in its Mexican tabasco-flavored pizza. The savory yet sweet taste challenges epicure’s taste buds.


Moreover, a Chiayi restaurant, Boss Pizza, has unveiled the boba milk tea pizza featuring a great deal of tapioca balls on top. The restaurant has another signature menu –– sticky rice sausage pizza.

如果以上都不夠怪,那麼這個結合薑絲與西式薄片餅皮的披薩你絕對沒有想過。位於台北So Free柴燒窯烤披薩店推出這款「薑絲超人」披薩,嗆辣的薑絲搭配鹹蛋、玉米,簡直是中西文化在舌尖引爆。綜合以上各種「怪」出新滋味的披薩,準備好帶著你的外國朋友去嘗試台灣人無極限創意披薩嗎。

If any of the above dishes sound weird to you, the ginger superman pizza from Taipei’s So Free Pizza is worth a try. The spicy ginger, along with salted dug egg and corn together enrich your taste buds. Are you ready to take your international friends to try these “odd” yet creative fusion pizza?

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冬季進補吃比薩?超狂麻油赤肉口味限時登場 | Sesame oil-flavored pizza to challenge your taste buds


Do you remember the stinky tofu and boba milk tea pizzas launched earlier this year? To celebrate the New Year, local pizza chain store Pizza Hut launched a new sesame oil with pork chops pizza on Tuesday, causing another online stir.


The sesame oil-flavored pizza, which also features king oyster mushrooms, pork chops and mozzarella, will tickle your taste buds. The pizza is priced at NT$359 (US$11.9) and it will only be available until Dec. 31.


This is not the first time the pizza chain store has launched odd pizza flavors though. Pizza Hut unveiled durian pizzas in June, breaking the record for the fastest-selling pizza in Taiwan — one sold every ten seconds.

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