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鼠年假期跟讀#773: Have you heard of ‘Taiwan obsessed symptoms’?


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鼠年假期跟讀#772: Have you heard of ‘Taiwan obsessed symptoms’?


A Japanese broadcaster recently reported on the three “symptoms” Japanese travelers could catch during their travel in Taiwan based on a video, titled “Taiwan obsessed symptoms” produced by the Tourism Bureau. The aforesaid symptoms include the tapioca craze, reading while sitting on the floor and doing “weird” gestures.

影片提到,由於2019年日人來台人數突破200萬,台日交流頻繁,因此提醒民眾去台灣遊玩務必小心染上「台灣症」。影片最後出現贊助商「Taiwan (台灣), The heart of Asia(亞洲之心)」,網友才恍然大悟這是廣告。

The entertaining video, which also highlights that the number of Japanese travelers to Taiwan reached 2 million in 2019, further recommends being cautious of the alleged “Taiwan disease” during your local travel. It ends with the official logo “Taiwan, The Heart of Asia,” further suggesting that it is an advertisement.


The YouTube video, which features both Chinese and Japanese subtitles, has drawn more than 80,000 views within two days.


In response to the video, some netizens said “this is hilarious,” while others said, “I thought it was a clip of the Japanese news broadcast.” Some also said, “I hope that there will be more creative advertisements like this.”

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學生行銷台灣超有創意!「人情味」真的可以聞? | Do you know Taiwan has the friendliest people in the world?


How would you describe Taiwan people in one word? You could probably say that local people are friendly, kind and hospitable. Yet, there is a Chinese saying that can sum up all these three meanings: “rén qíng wèi” (人情味).


But, how would you describe local people to those who have never been here?


A video made by a group of students from Fu Jen University showed you how they collect the smell of “rén qíng wèi” and shared its “actual” scent with the people around the world in hopes of letting the world see how Taiwan is promoting a peaceful and embracing society.


In the video, the students had interviews with some foreigners who live in Taiwan and asked them what do they think of local people.


Do you want to see how the students have described Taiwan “rén qíng wèi” into a fragrance?

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