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A walk in the woods at Kaohsiung’s Shuangsi Tropical Viviparous Forest Reserve


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Shuangsi River forms the upstream section of Meinung River on the outskirts of Kaohsiung’s Meinung District and is reachable in 15-20 minutes by vehicle from the center of Meinung District.


The Shuangsi Tropical Arboretum trail is located next to Shuangsi River within the Shuangsi Tropical Viviparous Forest Reserve. Three interconnecting paths converge within the 7.65 hectare-wide forest reserve, of which the Big Tree Forest Trail is the main route, while the Big Leaf Mahogany Trail and the Birdwatching Trail form two secondary routes.


The approximately 1.5km walk takes you from the park’s entrance to scenic grasslands at the end of the trail. The elevation varies only about 100 meters along the route, while there are a large number of rest areas and seats along the well designed trail, which means that the walk is not too taxing, yet passes through dense forest.


It is recommended to take the Big Tree Forest Path to ascend the mountain. Along the way you will pass through tropical forests of elephant apple trees and rain trees in addition to small bridges, tiny flowing streams and if you keep your eyes peeled, you may spot the charming sight of crawling hermit crabs.


After a 30-40 minute walk you will reach a scenic grassland area, which although is not the wide open pastureland one imagines ― but is instead a grassy resting area ― nevertheless wooden seats and a small discarded push car are available to rest and admire the view.


Following a short rest, you could take a detour while descending the mountain and take the Birdwatching Trail which passes through forests of ceylon olive and teak trees before connecting onto the Big Leaf Mahogany Trail to finish the descent down the mountain.


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