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“Anywhere Door” voted most popular “Doraemon” gadget

「哆啦A夢」排行榜 大家最愛「任意門」!

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

In the stories of Japanese animation “Doraemon,” the robotic cat has all kinds of amazing gadgets in his pocket. Japan’s TV Asahi Corporation recently conducted a survey on which gadgets were the most popular among adults and children. The “Anywhere Door” — a door that leads to anywhere the user wants to go — was the most popular gadget in both categories, because it makes it easier for them to go to work or school.


Children’s favorite props also included a “Time Machine” that allows you to travel freely through time and space, and the “Bamboo-copter,” a helicopter hat that allows you to fly. Adults’ favorites included the “What-If Phone Booth,” which makes your wishes come true when you make a call from it, and “Memory Toast,” which helps you memorize what is printed on the bread after eating it.


Netizens said the children’s choices show they are free and unrestrained, while the adults’ choices suggest their desire to extricate themselves from their current circumstances.


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