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“Big Brother is watching you” Amazon unveils camera-filled cashierless convenience store

「老大哥正在看著你」 滿佈攝影機的亞馬遜無人商店揭幕

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After more than a year of testing with an employee-only focus group, Amazon Go opened to the public on Monday last week in downtown Seattle, putting to the test the online retailer’s technology that lets shoppers grab what they want and leave without paying a cashier.

經過僅由旗下員工組成的焦點團體進行超過一年的測試後,開在西雅圖市中心的亞馬遜無人實體商店Amazon Go於上週一正式對外揭幕。消費者無須向收銀員付款,只要拿著自己想要的東西就能離開,考驗著這間網路零售商的技術。

Amazon Go’s product range caters to health-conscious, affluent millennials. You won’t find a squeaking hot dog rotisserie in Inc.’s cashierless convenience store. Instead, you’ll see Mediterranean lamb sandwiches, fresh salads and to-go containers of cubed pineapple and melon.

Amazon Go販售的商品種類迎合那些注重健康又花錢不手軟的千禧世代品味。在這間亞馬遜的無收銀員便利商店裡面,你不會找到慢火串烤到油嫩欲滴的熱狗,取而代之的是地中海風味的羊肉三明治、新鮮的沙拉,以及方便帶在路上吃的盒裝切塊鳳梨與甜瓜。

Amazon hopes the cashier-less technology will help it stand out from the nation’s 150,000 convenience stores where traffic jams can form at the checkout counter. It’s all part of the company’s larger brick-and-mortar ambitions, which include a push into groceries with the Whole Foods Market acquisition as well as the opening of about a dozen book stores in such cities as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.


To enter the Amazon Go store, customers download a smartphone app and scan a QR code to open a glass turnstile. From there, machines take over, watching the items plucked from shelves and adding them to a shopping cart. Shoppers are billed once they leave and if there are any mistakes or the customer isn’t happy with an item, you push a “refund” button on the app to have that item removed from the bill. Shoppers don’t have to return an unwanted item to the store to get a refund.

在走進Amazon Go前,消費者需要用智慧型手機下載一款應用程式,然後藉由掃描一組QR碼來開啟玻璃閘門。進到店裡以後,一切都由機器掌控:它們看著商品從貨架上被挑下來,然後被放進購物車裡。一旦離開店裡,顧客就會被扣款。如果過程有任何差錯,或是消費者不滿意,只要在應用程式中按下「退款」鍵,商品就會直接從帳單中剔除。消費者不用再把不想要的商品親自拿回店裡退款。

The system is designed around the honor system with an understanding that those looking to trick the system and steal things are in the minority. “The system is very accurate,” says Dilip Kumar, Amazon Go’s technology vice president.

這個系統的設計理念接近於所謂的「信任制度」,或是所謂的「防君子不防小人」,預設企圖想要欺騙這個付款機制的人只佔少數。Amazon Go的技術副總裁狄立普‧庫瑪指出:「這個系統其實非常準確。」

However, according to Jeff Lenard, spokesman for the US National Association of Convenience Stores, the experiment will only succeed if Amazon delivers quality food at good prices.

“The coolness of the technology will undoubtedly get people to check it out,” he said. “But the quality is what will get them to come back.”



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