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Careers evaluations available as graduation season arrives

畢業季來臨 職涯測評瞭解職業興趣

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

The Ministry of Labor announced on May 31 that, in order to help new graduates explore and understand their own interests and future career paths, it has set up a Taiwan employment online career assessment site, allowing young people to understand their professional interests through Q&A tests.


For example, in the “What I like to do — Professional interests evaluation” test, students of junior high school age and up, as well as adults, can explore their job preferences and which of 12 job areas — art, science, animals and plants, security, machinery, industry and manufacturing, business, sales and marketing, personal services, social services, leadership and performance — is suited best to their own personalities.

像是「我喜歡做的事 — 職業興趣探索測驗」中,提供國中以上學生及成人在最適合自己特性的職業範圍內進行職業興趣探索,包含「藝術」、「科學」、「動植物」、「保全」、「機械」、「工業生產」、「企業事務」、「銷售」、「個人服務」、「社會福利」、「領導」、「體能表演」等12個職類範圍。

The “work style” assessment aims to discover via 59 questions what an individual’s personality will be like in the workplace. After the jobseeker is aware of their own individual working style, they can check the online Jobooks job encyclopedia to compare their own suitability for 505 different types of jobs, and find a suitable job based upon their own strengths.


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