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Taipei frogs set new record for Taipei Zoo

北市動物園 台北赤蛙「產量」破紀錄

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Three years ago, Taipei Zoo launched a project to conserve and reproduce Taipei frogs. This year, the project has seen a significant rise in the number of eggs produced by the captive frogs as well a high hatching rate.


Taipei frogs are small and slender. While adult female Taipei frogs can grow to approximately 4cm from snout to vent, adult males can grow to about 3cm long. The frogs — which have two unique stripes on their back resembling shoulder straps — have become hard to find in the wild in recent years due to shrinking habitats and the threat of pesticides.


In order to prevent Taipei frogs from becoming extinct in the wild, three years ago Taipei Zoo began a project to conserve and reproduce them. The zoo is currently home to 246 Taipei frogs. Since March, eight Taipei frogs at the zoo have become pregnant. One of them laid as many as 1,001 eggs in one time, setting a new record for the conservation project. Of all the eggs produced by the frogs as part of the project, as many as 89.9 percent have hatched.


Eric Tsao, the zoo’s spokesman, says that the breeding season of Taipei frogs is expected to last until August or September, adding that the zoo will release the frogs into the wild once it has reproduced enough of them, and found a suitable habitat.


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