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Director Yee Chih-yen “comes out” as gay on Facebook


Not long ago, Taiwanese director Yee Chih-yen came out of the closet on his Facebook page. Yee revealed that during his life he has often felt at a loss for what to do, as his parents had trouble understanding his sexual orientation.

Yee therefore reached out to LGBT people and their parents, saying “Life is short. Don’t let the opportunity to better understand your loved ones pass you by.” He wrote about how an article by journalist Fan Chi-fei, encouraging middle-aged homosexuals to have the courage to come out, had spurred him to act.

Yee also posted a photograph on Facebook of actress Gwei Lun-mei and actor Chen Bo-lin, who starred in his 2002 film “Blue Gate Crossing,” holding a placard supporting the draft bills for marriage equality and calling for guarantees of LGBT people’s right to marry.

The LGBT community is holding a rally today on “International Human Rights Day” in support of the bills.

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