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Don’t bother petting these cats - they’re working


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

About five years ago, Chicago resident Paul Nickerson turned to a trio of cats to deal with a rodent infestation after higher-tech pest-control methods failed. He figured he had nothing to lose.


"It got to the point where my neighbors and I couldn’t walk out of our back doors to throw the garbage out at night because rats would be running over our feet," Nickerson said.


The cats came from a Tree House Humane Society program that places animals that aren’t suited for life as house pets in places where their native talents as hunters are needed, such as warehouses and breweries.


In Nickerson’s case, the field of battle was his two-car garage, where he also stores beekeeping equipment and other gear.


"For about a year, I’d see a dead rat probably on a daily basis," said Nickerson, adding that the rats are now gone. In fact, he was so taken with his cats that he eventually joined Tree House and now runs the shelter’s "Cats at Work" program.


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