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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K025: Mask price lowered, minimum wage raised: Seven measures from New Year 七項惠民措施元旦上路 口罩降價、基本工資調漲...

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K025: Mask price lowered, minimum wage raised: Seven measures from New Year


Several new measures will be in place from the coming New Year’s Day to benefit the public, with the Executive Yuan announcing on Thursday the following seven new measures:


The minimum monthly wage will be increased from NT$23,800 to NT$24,000, and the hourly wage will increase from the current NT$158 to NT$160, a change that will affect about 2.08 million workers.


The farmers’ pensions system will also be launched, in which the government will match the amount farmers pay into their monthly pension payments, to be deposited directly into the farmers’ personal pension account. Farmers paying into their pensions for a total of 40 years will be entitled to receive up to NT$45,000 per month.


The Agricultural Insurance Act and its subsidy program will also take effect. The Act covers natural disasters, epidemics and market risks, and continues to provide one-third to one-half of premium subsidies. An agricultural insurance fund will also be established, with an annual budget of NT$10 billion to stabilize farmers’ income.


The subsidies for school lunch for elementary and middle schools will be increased to NT$6 from NT$3.5 per meal. All meals will use only ingredients produced in Taiwan, with their places of origin traceable.


Basic living expenses will rise to NT$18,200, an increase of NT$7,000, a change that is expected to benefit 2.05 million households when they file taxes in May.


Publishers involved in import/export of books will be eligible to apply for business tax exemptions. Applications will be opened from Jan. 1 next year.


Finally, masks bought under the government’s fortnightly mask rationing program will be available at a cheaper rate, from NT$45 for nine masks to NT$40 for 10, thus reducing the cost by NT$5, and adding one mask.

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