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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K044: About Australia - Kangaroos can learn to communicate with humans, researchers say 袋鼠能和人類溝通與兩蟒蛇闖空門

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K044: About Australia - Kangaroos can learn to communicate with humans, researchers say

Kangaroos can learn to communicate with humans similar to how domesticated dogs do, by using their gaze to "point" and ask for help, researchers said in a study published on Wednesday.


The study involved 11 kangaroos that lived in captivity but had not been domesticated. Ten of the 11 marsupials intently gazed at researchers when they were unable to open a box with food, according to the report. Nine alternately looked at the human and at the container, as a way of pointing or gesturing toward the object.


"We interpreted this as a deliberate form of communication, a request for help," Alan McElligott, the Irish researcher who led the study, told Reuters in a call.


The findings challenge the notion that only domesticated animals such as dogs, horses or goats communicate with humans.


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He soon found two culprits, non-venomous carpet pythons 2.8 meters and 2.5 meters long, that had slithered into a bedroom and living room. The snakes have an estimated combined weight of 45 kilograms.


Snake catcher Steven Brown was called to remove the two snakes. "I would assume that it was two males fighting over a female that was nearby in the roof," he said. He suspected the female could still be in the ceiling or nearby.


The males were returned to the wild, but the suspected third snake hasn’t been found.


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