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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K264: About cars - 德國男開車赴駕駛執照考試與丹麥沒收超跑 Man in Germany drives to driving test

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K264: About cars - Man in Germany drives to driving test

A man in Germany has discovered the hard way that it’s best to get a driving license first before trying to use it.


Police in Bergheim, near Cologne, said Tuesday that the 37-year-old drove himself to his driving test, parking an Opel Zafira outside the test center in front of an astonished examiner.


They said he told police officers who were called to the scene on Monday that he had only driven because he wanted to make sure to get to the driving test on time.


His test was immediately called off. The man now faces an investigation for driving without a license. Police also opened an investigation of the car’s owner.


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Danish police confiscate luxury sports car caught speeding 丹麥警方沒收超速的豪華跑車

Danish police have confiscated a high-performance luxury car after its new owner was caught speeding as he drove it home from Germany to Norway.


The man, an Iraqi citizen resident in Norway who was not identified, was registered Thursday as driving at 236 kph in his Lamborghini Huracán on a stretch of highway where the top speed is 130 kph.


Under a new Danish law, police can seize the vehicles of reckless drivers and auction them off, with the money going into Danish coffers.


The Nordjyske newspaper said the man had bought the car hours earlier in Germany for 2 million kroner.


The car owner will also be fined for speeding in due course.

車主當理也將因超速被罰。 Source article: ;

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