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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K317: 全球努力將羅馬的稀有書籍帶給在線觀眾 A Global Effort to Bring Rare Books In Rome to an Online Audience

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K317: A Global Effort to Bring Rare Books In Rome to an Online Audience

Modern-day church scholars may find the going easier. Some of the texts at the library of the Pontifical Oriental Institute, a graduate school in Rome dedicated to the study of the Eastern branch of Christianity, have just been digitized and will soon be at the fingertips of a global audience.


The first digitized versions will be available to the public in mid-2022, the product of a charitable initiative that connected the institute with technology companies in the United States and Germany.


The companies, said the Rev. David Nazar, the institute’s rector, understood the project's value. Many of the books come from countries such as Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, where turmoil put entire collections at risk. Others come from countries where authoritarian censorship was equally threatening.

該研究所的校長大衛·納扎爾(David Nazar)牧師說,這些公司瞭解該項目的價值。許多書來自敘利亞、黎巴嫩和伊拉克等國,那裡的動盪使整個藏品處於危險之中。其他人則來自威權審查制度同樣具有威脅性的國家。

“We’re not a hospital, we’re not in the fields of Syria,” he said, “but we have students that come from there, who study here because our resources haven’t been destroyed by war.”


Although most of the institute’s titles are not recognizable to the general public, they are precious to scholars. They include volumes such as a Greek first edition of liturgies of John Chrysostom, an early church father, printed in Rome in 1526.

雖然該研究所的大多數頭銜不為公眾所認可,但它們對學者來說卻是珍貴的。它們包括一些卷,例如早期教會父親約翰·克裡斯托姆(John Chrysostom)的希臘語第一版禮儀,於1526年在羅馬印刷。

“The library is unique in the world,” said Gabriel Radle, a professor at the University of Notre Dame who studied at the institute.


Its volumes cover the broad gamut that is Eastern Christianity, a term for the traditions and denominations developed in the first centuries of the church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, spreading through Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe, north to Russia, south to Egypt and Ethiopia, and as far east as India.


The first set of books to be digitized were scanned by an eight-member team from a Long Island, New York, company, Seery Systems Group, using scanning technology from SMA of Germany.

第一套數位化的圖書是由紐約長島公司Seery Systems集團一個八人團隊,使用德國SMA公司掃描技術進行掃描。

The digitized books will be managed via ShelterZoom, a New York company. Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO of ShelterZoom, said she visited the library this past year and got very excited about the project.

數位化書籍將通過紐約公司ShelterZoom進行管理。ShelterZoom首席執行官Chao Cheng-Shorland表示,她去年參觀了圖書館,並對該專案感到非常興奮。

“It’s unique, not just in the technology sense but also in the sense of contributing to such a wonderful piece of history,” she said.

"這是獨一無二的,不僅在技術意義上,而且在為這樣一段美好的歷史做出貢獻的意義上,"她說。 Source article:

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