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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K318: About Germany - 監獄薯泥戰被罰款與狗狗嗅出保護物種 Inmates fined over prison potato mash fight 監獄薯泥戰被罰款

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K318: About Germany - Inmates fined over prison potato mash fight

Two female inmates at a German prison have been served a hefty fine for a brawl that began with a food fight.


German news agency dpa reported Wednesday that the cellmates at a prison in Augsburg began throwing potato mash at each other following a disagreement. Then one woman threw her entire plate at the other, who responded in kind.


The situation then escalated into a brawl in which both inmates were injured, dpa reported.


A court in the southern town of Augsburg sentenced one defendant to pay a fine of 2,700 euros while the other received a fine of 1,800 euros. If they fail to pay, the women can spend another 180 or 120 days behind bars, respectively.


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Dogs help German rail firm sniff out protected species 狗狗協助德國鐵路公司嗅出受保護物種

At the side of a railway track on the outskirts of Frankfurt, Cocker Spaniel Monte is enthusiastically sniffing the ground, his long furry ears flopping around his nose.

在法蘭克福郊區的一條鐵軌邊,可卡犬蒙特(Cocker Spaniel Monte)熱情地嗅著地面,他長長的毛茸茸的耳朵在他的鼻子上翻來覆去。

When he finds what he is looking for, he obediently stops, sits and is delighted to receive a treat from his trainer.


Monte is one of six dogs being trained by German rail company Deutsche Bahn to identify the presence of protected species in potential construction sites.

Monte是德國鐵路公司Deutsche Bahn訓練的六隻狗之一,以識別潛在建築工地中是否存在受保護的物種。

The dogs "can take us directly to where the animals are" and can work all year round in any weather conditions, says Jens Bergmann, director of infrastructure projects at Deutsche Bahn’s network subsidiary.

這些狗"可以直接帶我們到動物所在的地方",並且可以在任何天氣條件下全年工作,德國鐵路網路子公司基礎設施項目總監Jens Bergmann說。

Having them on board reduces the timeframe to less than two months, and is much less invasive.

讓他們加入可以將時間縮短到不到兩個月,並且侵入性要小得多。Source article: ;