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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K439: About Spain - 紅酒世紀竊案與客服法 Wine theft of the century

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K439: About Spain - Wine theft of the century

A former Mexican beauty queen and a Romanian-Dutch accomplice have been arrested in Croatia over the theft of $1.7 million worth of prestige bottles of wine in Spain after a nine-month chase across Europe, police said on Wednesday.


In a statement, Spanish national police said that on Oct. 27, 2021 in the western city of Caceres, 45 wine bottles worth a total of 1.65 million euros, including one "unique" 19th-century vintage worth 310,000 euros, were spirited away in a meticulously planned theft from the cellars of the famous hotel-restaurant El Atrio.

西班牙國家警察在聲明中說,2021年10月27日在西部城市卡塞雷斯,45瓶價值165萬歐元的紅酒,當中包括一瓶「獨一無二」、要價31萬歐元的19世紀佳釀,在一場精心策劃的竊案中從知名旅店餐館El Atrio的酒窖中被竊走。

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Can I talk to a human? Spain presents customer service bill (我可以跟真人談嗎?西班牙提出客服法案)

Tired of speaking to a machine when you call the bank or power company?


Spain’s government wants to end those nerve-shattering, one-sided conversations with a computerized answering service by making it obligatory for companies to offer a real, flesh-and-blood customer service worker when so requested by a caller.


"Customer service far too often causes endless headaches for Spanish families because far too many companies create bureaucratic labyrinths to stop you from exercising your right to service," said Consumption Minister Alberto Garzón.


The bill would also seek to do away with long wait times by forcing companies to answer calls within three minutes.


It will apply to all utility providers regardless of their size and all other companies with more than 250 workers or whose business exceeds 50 million euros a year.

法案將適用所有公用事業,不分規模大小;以及所有員工超過250人或1年營業額高於5000萬歐元的企業。Source article: ;