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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K446: About the UK - 英國不合法糖粉屑與減重裝置引起嘲笑UK bakery banned from using sprinkles which are legal in the US

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K446: About the UK - UK bakery banned from using sprinkles which are legal in the US

The owner of a bakery in northern England has been left with a bitter taste in his mouth after authorities told him he had to stop using banned sprinkles sourced from the US.


West Yorkshire Trading Standards said the sprinkles contained an artificial coloring which isn’t approved for use in sprinkles in the UK.


But the owner of the bakery isn’t happy that his most popular product has lost out on its prize topping.


Rich Myers, director and founder of Get Baked bakery in Leeds, told CNN he had been using the sprinkles since opening the business in July.

(位於該郡的)里茲市的Get Bake烘焙坊的執行長與創辦人瑞奇˙邁爾斯告訴美國有線電視新聞網,他打從7月開業以來就一直用這種糖粉屑。

Myers said he bought the offending sprinkles from a UK wholesaler, and said he had no idea there was any issue until West Yorkshire Trading Standards visited the business on September 30.


"I thought it was a joke at first, I thought it was someone pulling a prank," he said on Thursday.


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