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精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.139: 百貨週年慶與他們的產地 Anniversary sale and where to find them

· 15Mins英語咖啡館

Every year from September through November, Department stores in Taiwan will have their year-end anniversary sale. These sales offer the biggest deals in the year where all the customers flock together in one place. In this episode, Angel and I talk about the anniversary sales and our previous shopping experience. What are you going to buy during the anniversary sale this year? Comment down below!

1. Anniversary sale n. 百貨週年慶
Anniversary sale of different department stores run from September through November. 不同百貨的週年慶從九月開始到十一月。
2. Brochure n. 宣傳本
Promotional material like brochures and pamphlets are called DM in Taiwan. 在台灣宣傳冊跟活頁傳單都叫DM。
3. NTx for every X dollar purchased n. 買X送X活動
Shinkong Mitsukoshi is going to offer NT300 cash voucher for every NT5000 purchased. 新光三越今年週年慶會提供買五千送三百活動。

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