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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K467: About animals - 山羊寶寶的22英吋耳與狗其實不會笑 Are you kidding? Baby goat wows fans with 22-inch ears

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K467: About animals - Are you kidding? Baby goat wows fans with 22-inch ears

Some social media stars win their fame through their looks, others through their jokes. Simba the baby goat has won over the web with his astonishingly long ears - 22 inches (56cm) and growing.


The tawny-coated kid goat has attracted thousands of followers on YouTube and other channels since he was born in Karachi, Pakistan on June 4.


When Simba was born, his ears were 48cm long. They have grown another 7 cm in just over a month and are showing no signs of stopping.


His breeder, Mohammad Hassan Narejo, has great plans for Simba to preserve Simba’s semen for artificial insemination.

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狗不會笑 但牠們用其他方式表現開心 Dogs can’t smile or laugh - but they show happiness in other ways

Some dogs just look like they’re smiling all the time - but that huge grin on their face may not actually mean they’re happy. Carolyn Menteith, a canine behaviorist, said that "unlike us, dogs don’t usually smile with their mouths."


When a dog smiles, their tail is relaxed but waving (or in some breeds or individuals, wagging crazily), their eyes are soft, their ears relaxed and their body is often wiggling with their happiness.


Some dogs are noisier than others and so if they get really excited and playful, they might well bark, yip, or even huff - especially in an attempt to get another dog or a person to play - but this isn’t laughter.


Interestingly, dogs do seem to recognize laughter in humans and know that it is positive - and some dogs seem to go out of their way to encourage their owners to laugh.

有趣的是,狗狗似乎能分辨人類的笑聲,知道這是好事,而有些似乎還會想盡辦法把主人逗笑。Source article: ;

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