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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K509: About animals - 比利時研究豬對音樂的反應與雪鴞在加州 Shakin’ bacon? Belgian researchers study pigs’ response to music

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K509: About animals - Shakin’ bacon? Belgian researchers study pigs’ response to music

Scientists in Belgium are investigating a farmer’s claim that different styles of music affect the behavior of his pigs.


Piet Paesmans first noticed the phenomenon when his son started singing a tune in the barn during a sluggish insemination session his sows seemed excited and started wagging their tails.


Paesmans has since created a playlist to coincide with different parts of the day.


"Jolly dance songs are the biggest hits. When it’s really dynamic they even start dancing around and frolicking. Rock music is too strong, they don’t like it," he said.


"A top athlete needs to be completely fit not only physically, but also mentally. And that’s just the same for pigs. When they are slaughtered, you can see when they’ve had too much stress. It’s really important for the quality of the meat."


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Crowds of bird-watchers have been showing up regularly in an Orange County neighborhood to gawk at a snowy owl, a species normally found around the Arctic, Canada and several northern U.S. states.


It’s current home is a rooftop perch in the balmy city of Cypress.


“It is absolutely unique as a bird observation,” Vic Leipzig, who teaches birding at Saddleback College, told The Orange County Register this week.


The newspaper reported that local bird experts speculated that the owl could have arrived in Southern California aboard a ship or could be a captive bird that escaped.

該報報導指出,當地鳥類專家推測這隻貓頭鷹可能是搭船抵達南加州,也可能是一隻逃脫的圈養鳥。Source article: ;

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