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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K549: 谷歌推出人工智慧工具 Bard 欲向 ChatGPT 競爭 Google Launches Artificial Intelligence Tool Bard to Compete with ChatGPT

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K549: Google Launches Artificial Intelligence Tool Bard to Compete with ChatGPT

Google has announced the release of Bard, a new artificial intelligence tool that directly competes with ChatGPT. Initially, access to Bard will be limited to residents in the United States and the United Kingdom, but the company plans to expand access to more countries and languages over time, according to a blog post authored by Google and Bard. Until now, Bard was only available to "trusted testers."

谷歌宣布推出 Bard,這是一個與 ChatGPT 正面競爭的新人工智慧工具。根據由谷歌和 Bard 共同撰寫的部落格文章,最初,Bard 的使用權將僅限於美國和英國的用戶,但該公司計劃隨著時間的推移擴大使用權的範圍至更多的國家和語言。目前為止,Bard 只開放給「可信任的測試人員」使用。

Powered by a large language model, Bard will be updated with newer and more capable models as time goes on. To achieve this, Google is seeking feedback from more users, following earlier testing. While exciting, the blog's authors note that these models are not without their flaws.

Bard 由一個大型語言模型提供支持,隨著時間的推移,它將進化為更新且更多功能的模型。為了實現這一點,谷歌正在尋求更多用戶的反饋,跟進早期的測試。儘管令人興奮,部落格的作者指出這些模型並非沒有缺陷。

"Because they learn from a wide range of information that reflects real-world biases and stereotypes, those sometimes show up in their outputs. And they can provide inaccurate, misleading or false information while presenting it confidently," according to Google.


Bard is intended to make visiting Google Search simpler, with users able to click "Google it" to see query suggestions in a new tab. Google has hinted at deeper integration of these models into Search. "Our work on Bard is guided by our AI Principles, and we continue to focus on quality and safety. We’re using human feedback and evaluation to improve our systems, and we’ve also built in guardrails, like capping the number of exchanges in a dialogue, to try to keep interactions helpful and on topic," it said. "Bard is an experiment."

Bard 旨在讓使用谷歌搜索更加簡單,用戶可以點擊「Google it」在新標籤中查看查詢建議。谷歌暗示將更深入地將這些模型整合到搜索中。「我們的 Bard 工作是根據我們的 AI 原則指導的,我們繼續關注質量和安全性。我們使用人類反饋和評估來改善我們的系統,並且我們還建立了保護措施,比如在對話交流的次數中設定上限,來試圖讓互動更有幫助且更符合討論主題。」它說。 “Bard是一場實驗。” Reference article:

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