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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K550: Blackpink在高雄的演唱會帶動當地夜市買氣 Blackpink's Kaohsiung Concerts Boost Local Night Market Sales

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K550: Blackpink's Kaohsiung Concerts Boost Local Night Market Sales

The recent Kaohsiung concerts of the popular South Korean pop band, Blackpink, have resulted in a significant increase in local night market sales, according to the Kaohsiung City Government. More than 90,000 fans attended the two concerts held on Saturday and Sunday at the Kaohsiung National Stadium. To encourage concertgoers to shop locally, the government offered NT$50 vouchers to those who showed their ticket stubs.


The Liouhe Night Market saw a surge in crowds during the weekend, with almost all seats occupied until 1:30 am. Chuang Chi-chang, the market's management committee head, stated that the night market vendors saw sales double, and stall owners had stocked up in anticipation of increased customers.


The Rueifong Night Market and Shinkuchan Shopping District also experienced a 20-30 percent increase in sales over the weekend. The city government expects the series of concerts this month and next month to draw at least 400,000 visitors, benefiting over 100 stall owners in night markets and 45 businesses partnering with a government program.


Upcoming performances by Taiwanese rock band Mayday, Taiwanese pop diva A-mei, and the Megaport Festival are expected to further boost sales in the area. Mayday will hold four days of concerts from March 30 to April 2, while A-mei will perform on April 3-5, 8-9, and 14-16. This year's Megaport Festival is scheduled for April 1 and 2.


Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai expressed his gratitude to Blackpink and their fans in a post on Facebook. He also commended the personnel who assisted in directing crowds at public transportation facilities after the concerts, which helped clear the areas in less than 90 minutes.


The city government's efforts to support local businesses and promote tourism through concerts and events have proven successful, boosting the local economy and attracting visitors to Kaohsiung. With upcoming performances by prominent artists and festivals, the city's night markets are expected to continue thriving.

市政府通過舉辦音樂會和活動來支持當地企業和促進旅遊的努力已經取得成功,推動當地經濟發展並吸引遊客到訪高雄。隨著即將到來的知名藝人和音樂祭,預計高雄的夜市將繼續蓬勃發展。Reference article:

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