每日英語跟讀 Ep.K588: 夏日荷包大作戰,重工龍頭推家用節能空調 The No.1 Summer energy and cost-saving air conditioning

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K588: The No.1 Summer energy and cost-saving air conditioning

Up Young Cornerstone Corp: Exclusive Agent for Mitsubishi's Air Conditioning, Promoting Energy-Saving Chillers for Commercial and Residential Use

In a bold move marking a significant partnership in the air conditioning industry, Taiwan's Up Young Cornerstone Corp (stock code 6728) has announced exclusive agency rights to residential and commercial products of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning, a top-tier Japanese manufacturer. This strategic partnership signals a step-change in the delivery of cutting-edge, energy-efficient cooling solutions, particularly amidst rising global energy costs and a heightened focus on carbon neutrality.

上洋產業獨家代理日本三菱重工空調 再推節能65%冰水機

從商辦到家用 領先業界服務標準 全方位迎接淨零商機


Mitsubishi's Rich Legacy and Superior Product Line

Founded in 1884, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has etched its name in the annals of global industry, renowned for its advanced technology and superior manufacturing techniques. Its range of high-end refrigeration and air conditioning products, all adhering to stringent energy-saving and environmental standards, are employed in world-famous landmarks such as Tokyo's Skytree, Malaysia's Petronas Twin Towers, and Singapore's Marina Bay. As part of the agency agreement, Up Young will expand its product line to include Mitsubishi's PAC, RAC, and VRF air-cooled AC systems, the new generation GART series chillers, and integrated heat source control systems.

東京晴空塔、馬來西亞雙子星塔指定採用 日本市佔第一 上洋產業獨家代理強勢登台


Up Youngs Unique Business Approach: Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Boasting decades of in-depth experience in the commercial and home appliance sectors, Up Young sets itself apart by managing its services in-house, a rarity in the Taiwanese air conditioning industry. The company prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction, which is reflected in its broad product offerings, well-established service network, and incorporation of AR technology to enrich customer experience.

台灣在地專業服務x日本重工業等級技術 領先業界標準為舒適生活提供創新、環保節能的解決方案


Collaboration for the Future: Up Young’s Vision for Energy Efficiency and Consumer Comfort

The partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning equips Up Young with an impressive suite of products, empowering the company to continue to lead in service delivery. Through this partnership, Up Young is well-positioned to deliver on its mission: to ensure the comfort of consumers while offering energy-saving solutions that do not break the bank. As energy costs and environmental concerns continue to shape consumer choices, Up Young's innovative approach sets a new standard for the air conditioning industry.