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France bans captive breeding of dolphins


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

France on May 6 banned the breeding in captivity of dolphins and killer whales under tighter rules that campaigners hope will eventually herald the end of shows involving the animals.


Environment Minister Segolene Royal had on May 3 signed a version of the legislation introducing “tight controls on the reproduction of dolphins,” her ministry said in a statement. But she has since decided the rules need to be “more radical,” her ministry told AFP on May 6, particularly after learning that “some animals were drugged” in aquariums.


The new rules ban the captivity of all whales, dolphins and porpoises, except for orcas and bottlenose dolphins already held in authorized aquariums.


Animal rights activists hailed the ban as a “historic French advance.” “In plain terms, this means the end of breeding, exchange and import programs,” five conservation groups including One Voice and Sea Shepherd said in a joint statement. “Without possible replenishment, this quite simply means the scheduled end of marine circuses on our territory.”


The new rules notably also require “an increase of at least 150 percent of pools to allow the animals to live in less proximity from visitors and other animals,” the ministry said, as well as banning chlorine in treating the water. Direct contact between the animals and the public is also now forbidden. Water parks and aquariums have six months to conform to the new rules, and a three-year deadline for expanding their pools.


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